Colonial Charter

A new adventure for Banished with a colonial theme.

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Colonial Charter Mod


In this megamod for Banished your town will have a whole new universe of content to use to grow and prosper. Astride your llama, you'll survey fields of all new crops, pastures full of new and exciting animals, and a vast array of new buildings and professions supporting a huge number of new and complex production chains. Everything within the scope of the mod kit has been adjusted and this mod pushes the limits of low memory high performance tuning. Fresh new modeling, including some period-accurate buildings like the Colonial Hall and Court House, will add spice and variety to your bustling towns. The world of colonial charter is a big place, Governor, but you've got until winter to get things going in your new Colonial Charter.

CC Colonial Charter Mod

You are a noble Lord, granted a tract of land by the crown in a newly discovered faraway land across the Ocean.

+ More than 40 new crops
+ More Buildings and Decorations
+ New animals for your pastures
+ New product chains

Brought to you for free by fans of the game - we put donations back into the mod, but also use small amounts to host our website and the fan wiki and forums.